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Sandi’s Infused Cordial 1 litre – 1000mg



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Our signature herbal infused drink is perfect for a cocktail that will elevate you and your friends.  Our 1 litre bottle will make up to 10 litres of mixed drink. 10 litres of the mixed drink will comfortably serve 40 infrequent users or 20 frequent users. Please let everyone know what they are drinking before they try some.

How do I enjoy this?

Shake bottle before use. Mix our cordial with one part herbal juice with ten parts mixer of your choice. We recommend mixing with sparkling water, soda water or Sprite.
Wait 45 mins to 1 hour for effects.

How much should I enjoy?

  • Infrequent cannabis consumers - half a glass of the mixed drink
  • Regular cannabis consumers (smoking once a week) - one full glass
  • Frequent cannabis consumers (daily smokers) - two full glasses

How do I store this?

We recommend you store the infused cordial in a cool, dry place. We have found that if the cordial is stored for over six weeks the contents may separate, with some sediment falling to the bottom of the bottle. If this does happen shake the bottle two or three times and it will return to it's original state.
Once you have mixed the infused cordial, we recommend you refrigerate the mixed drink and consume in 48 hours.


Filtered water, Sugar, Sweetener, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, emulsifier, herbal extract, tartrazine free. Allergens: Contains trace amounts of milk and nuts.

Additional information


Essential Colliods


Granadilla, Peach Apricot, Mango Apple, Pineapple, Mixed Berry