Infused Syrup – Salted Caramel


Indulge in Bliss with our Infused Syrup – Salted Caramel!

Ready to elevate your sipping game with our oh-so-heavenly Infused Caramel Syrup? It’s the ultimate sidekick for your coffee or milkshake adventures, packing a delightful 50mg punch of pure joy in every bottle. Dive into the rich, velvety embrace of caramel goodness. Our syrup transforms your everyday sips into moments of pure bliss, turning each beverage into an indulgent treat! Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a milkshake maven, our Infused Caramel Syrup is your laid-back flavour companion. A little drizzle, and voila – you’ve turned your daily ritual into a chilled-out gourmet experience.

Why try this product?

Crafted with care and a touch of nature’s magic, our syrup boasts 50mg of pure delight. It’s a taste journey that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also adds a mellow touch of tranquility to your day.

At Green Easy, we’re all about the easy-going vibe, and our Infused Caramel Syrup is no exception. Unwind without the guilt – each sip is a relaxed celebration of flavour, creating moments of easy joy, sweetness, and tranquility. Beyond the delectable taste, our syrup is designed to infuse your moments with positive vibes. Elevate your mood and treat yourself to a little self-care with every drop.

Ready to effortlessly transform your sipping rituals? Embrace the sweet side of life with Green Easy’s Infused Caramel Syrup – where flavour meets tranquility in the easiest, happiest way possible.

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What is the dosage?


Dosage per serving
Total dosage
` 1 50ml Bottle – 50mg1 Bottle – 50mg

Pack of 2 – 100mg


How much should I have?

My first time / Occasionally
2x per month
4x per month+

What are others saying?

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