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Infused Knockout Crunchie by Green Easy

Indulge in the extraordinary with our Infused Knockout Crunchie, a fusion of premium herbal extract, rich chocolate, and crisp honeycomb, meticulously crafted for the connoisseur. Elevate your experience with this high-dose delight, boasting 200mg of precisely infused herbal essence.

Our Infused Knockout Crunchie stands as a testament to refined indulgence, designed to cater to the seasoned herbal enthusiast. As you embark on a sensory journey with each bite, the harmonious blend of velvety chocolate and golden honeycomb takes center stage, enhanced by the controlled dosage of 200mg herbal extract, ensuring a luxurious and elevated experience.

Why choose the Infused Knockout Crunchie? Beyond its sumptuous taste, this high-dose herbal treat is a gateway to a world of refined pleasure. The infusion of premium herbal extract in this crunchie is expertly balanced to deliver a potent yet controlled dosage, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for the experienced herbal user. The velvety chocolate and crisp honeycomb create a symphony of flavours, with herbal undertones that cater to those seeking a sophisticated and elevated palate.

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What is the dosage?


Dosage per serving
Total dosage
50mgSingle – 200mg
Pack of 2 – 400mg


How much should I have?

I enjoy infused products…

My first time / Occasionally
2x per month
4x per month+


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