Infused Caramel Popcorn


Infused Caramel Popcorn

Try our enjoyable infused caramel popcorn. It is a sweet and delicious treat that combines the rich, buttery flavor of caramel with the crispy texture of popcorn. These infused caramel popcorn are made with high-quality ingredients, including caramel, butter, and infusion extract. They are available in either single or a pack of two.

The single caramel popcorn is ideal for those who want to try out the product or for those who prefer to have smaller doses. The pack of two caramel popcorn is perfect for those who want to share the treat with friends, or for those who prefer a higher dose.

We recommend that if you are new to edibles you start with a small serving and wait for at least an hour before consuming more.

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What is the dosage?


Dosage per serving
Total dosage
1 Packet – 60mg1 Packet – 60mg



How much should I have?

I enjoy infused products…


My first time / Occasionally
2x per month
4x per month+


What are others saying?

Pack Size

Single – 60mg, Pack of 2 – 120mg

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