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Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) – 10ml – 1000mg


Full Extract Cannabis Oils (FECO) are concentrated essential oils from cannabis plants. What makes FECO unique is that unlike with most other cannabis oil extraction processes, oil is extracted from the actual cannabis flowers/buds. Our FECO OIl is 10ml and all you need is one drop to enjoy the benefits of this healing oil.

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FECO is the most efficient way to deliver all the healing benefits of all cannabinoids and terpenes to the endocannabinoid system, which is why so many patients have found relief using this oil. FECO is extremely concentrated, it is recommended that a new patient start with a dose of oil about half the size of a grain of rice and wait up to 90 minutes to experience the effects and determine a more proper dosage — this process is called “titrating” and is absolutely essential when using cannabis medicines.

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Medical Benefits

In terms of medical properties, FECO has been gradually earning a reputation on a global basis as a potentially revolutionary cannabis by-product. As things stand right now, millions of patients all over the world are fundamentally reliant on a wide variety of medicinal cannabis products, for the treatment of countless chronic conditions and diseases. In all such instances, FECO has the potential to represent an outstanding medical cannabis product.

From multiple sclerosis to PTSD to Parkinson’s disease to epilepsy, the capacity for medical cannabis to replace and even improve upon conventional drugs and treatments is proving quite extraordinary. The difference with FECO being that in many instances, the strength and purity of the oil mean that the patient may require a dose no larger than a single grain of rice on a daily basis. In turn making FECO uniquely convenient to use, though this, of course, varies in accordance with the condition and the patient in question.

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