We thought we would share some of the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions that we often receive.


1. What is The Green Easy?

We started The Green Easy to share infused products with people across South Africa. We get products from a wide range of suppliers, and our online store is a one-stop-shop for high-quality products to the public. 

2. Why should I buy from Green Easy?

We curate and test each of the products we make available to you. We only share the best-infused products and give you a 100% guarantee on everything we have available! Every month we are adding new partners and products.

3. How do I get some of your goodies?

We are an ONLINE store and are available at Green Market in Melville once a month.

The quickest way to order is on this website.

But you can also order by sending us a DM on Instagram or WhatsApp.

4. Can I pay with cash?

We accept payment through EFT and by card with Yoco only.

Payments are made safely and securely!

5. How much is shipping?

We ship across South Africa

  • Pick up at Rand Steam Shopping Centre – FREE
  • Delivery in Melville area in 48 hours – R35
  • Courier delivery in Gauteng in 48 hours – R65
  • Courier delivery to all other provinces in 72 hours – R120

6. Is this legal?

A Constitutional Court Judgement in September 2018 decriminalised the possession of cannabis.

We share our products within the framework allowed by the Con-Court judgement.

Our Members Club allows us to share more products within the laws.

7. Do I have to be a member to purchase?

We allow you to order our products without being a member.

However, as a member, you get discounts and free shipping!

8. Why do I need to create an online profile?

Creating a user profile allows us to offer you discounts and promotions that are exclusive to the website.

Your info is stored securely and, be assured we will NEVER share your details with any third parties!

If you are still not comfortable to create a profile, you can order on Instagram or on WhatsApp.

These Frequently Asked Questions may not be comprehensive but if you have any other questions, send them through on our contact page.

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