Can Cannabis Elevate your Sex Life?

Cannabis and sex

“Results of a new survey show that most people who use cannabis every day report better sex while high.”

Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Early recorded uses in 7th century India show it was used as a prelude to spiritual tantric sex rituals. Many cannabis consumers today say it improves their sex lives although some say it can negatively impact them.

For years, scientists have been trying to figure out how cannabis affects sex. “A survey in 1984 found that two thirds of participants reported better sex when weed was involved; more recent studies have examined how getting high before sex makes the experience better for some people, and worse for others. Other studies have found that cannabis use increases libido and raises the odds for a better orgasm.” 

There isn’t a lot of research into cannabis as an aphrodisiac—partially because of the difficulty of getting such research funded while cannabis remained a federally illegal drug. 

“This new study surveyed 811 participants, ranging in age from 18 to 85 years old, about their sex and cannabis habits. 64% identified as women, and 73% of all participants reported being in a monogamous relationship. Over 1/2 said they used cannabis daily and 59% were already intentionally getting high before sex, to make it better. Most smoked flower, but a few were into edibles, oil, or topical applications. More than 70 percent of the people in this study reported increased desire and orgasm intensity, and most who said they use cannabis before they masturbate reported that it enhanced their pleasure during solo sex. There wasn’t much difference between men and women in orgasm intensity, but the survey data showed that weed helped more than 40% of women reach multiple orgasms.”

“Overall, cannabis use tends to have a positive influence on perceived sexual functioning and satisfaction for individuals despite gender or age and cannabis might help to decrease gender disparities in sexual pleasure,” the researchers wrote.

The survey has its limitations as the majority of participants were white, college-educated women, and most of them were experienced cannabis users. The survey results were also based on people’s self-reported feelings about their sex lives and their preferred method of getting high and not in a lab setting where the strain, dose, or physical effects could be measured. They also didn’t use a control group of non cannabis users. The researchers also note that people who reported intentionally using cannabis before sex reported more satisfaction than those who didn’t. The relaxation effects of cannabis may contribute to increased desire or reduced inhibitions that might contribute to increased sexual functioning and satisfaction.

What do other studies say?

5 other studies came up with 5 very interesting findings about the link between cannabis and sex. 

  1. Women who use cannabis have better orgasms

A 2019 study highlights the connection between cannabis and orgasms in women. Researchers found that cannabis consumers had 2.13 times higher odds of having a satisfactory orgasm than women who didn’t consume. Additionally, those who used cannabis more frequently had 2.10 times higher odds of having a satisfactory orgasm than those who used it occasionally.

  1. Cannabis consumers have more sex 

A 2017 study looked at survey data to see whether cannabis use had any connection to how often people had sex. There was a clear correlation: Those who used cannabis had sex more frequently than those who didn’t. This held true for both men and women in all demographic groups. The study also found that cannabis use does not appear to impair sexual function.

  1. Cannabis is linked to better sexual health in women 

In a study from 2020, women who used cannabis were given a survey to assess the connection between their cannabis use and sexual health. Those who used cannabis frequently were likely to score high on measures of sexual health, specifically, sexual desire, arousal, orgasms, and satisfaction, more so than women who used cannabis less. This held true regardless of the type of cannabis, how it was consumed, or the reason for consuming it. 

  1. A higher sex drive and less pain for women who use cannabis

Other studies also back up the claim that women who consume cannabis have better sexual health. A 2017 study revealed that cannabis use is tied to a higher sex drive in women and less pain during sex. 60% of women reported that it increases their sex drive, and of those who reported having pain during sex, 77% reported that cannabis use reduced pain. This research also found that cannabis use was tied to improved orgasm.

  1. Cannabis might enhance erectile function in men, but more research is needed

While the connection between better female sexual health and cannabis use looks clear, it is does look as great for male sexual health. Some research suggests cannabis may make it more difficult for men to achieve. But the research isn’t all bad. A 2011 study reviewed literature on cannabis and male sexual function and found mixed results. While some studies showed negative impacts on male sexual health, such as a difficulty in achieving orgasm, others found positive impacts—overall, the study authors even concluded that cannabis might enhance erectile function. Unfortunately due to the limited amount of research available and the contradictory results, more research must be done on this topic.

Overall it seems that cannabis has a great potential to help sexual health, especially for women. We hope that more research can be funded to unlock the true potential of this amazing plant. For now, we suggest getting Elevated and seeing for yourself. 

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