Cannabis and Motherhood

Cannabis and motherhood

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Cannabis and motherhood

While cannabis has been gaining popularity worldwide, cannabis and being a mother still seems shrouded in secrecy, myths and stigma. With Mother’s Day this month, we wanted to chat about cannabis and motherhood, pregnancy and breastfeeding. We found some excellent research and condensed that for you in our recent live Q and A session. Here is a summary of what we discussed and links to all the research. You can also watch the live Q and A on our IGTV.

Firstly, we must remember what we discussed in the previous Q and As. Our medical knowledge is derived from medical research. But the medical study is difficult to conduct and is very labour-intensive. It takes years and costs a lot of money. To do research, you need financial backing. Unless the study can be monetized, it’s challenging to get the funding. Cannabis has only just become legal in some places, and even then, there are still significant laws surrounding it. As a result, medical research on cannabis is scarce. This is exacerbated with cannabis research during pregnancy and motherhood, as there are strict rules against medical research on pregnant and lactating women. There’s an issue as people believe the baby does not have the power to consent to the investigation. Many of the studies we do have are retrospectively on women already using cannabis whilst pregnant. Because of legal restrictions and ethical concerns over testing cannabis on pregnant women, much of the human research thus far is observational, based on self-reporting, and intermixed with other confounding factors like tobacco and alcohol. There are strict research barriers that block much of the access to THC for study in laboratory models. So, much of the research is restricted to animals.

While other mammals also have an endocannabinoid system, there are a variety of ways that cannabinoids work differently in animals like rats and monkeys than they do in humans. This makes piecing together a complete picture of how cannabis affects a fetus difficult. The lack of research is not a sign that cannabis is harmful to you. Many studies also looked at either THC or nonpsychoactive CBD in isolation, but this is not how people consume cannabis. The fact that we have few studies that look at cannabis in humans, and test the herb in the way it is used by humans, makes the overall effects challenging to gauge.

We really need large-scale, longitudinal, observational and epidemiological studies. As well as research on molecular mechanisms of action. The body is a complicated network of cells, chemicals, external inputs, and symbiotic microorganisms. Many doctors take a “safe rather than sorry” approach to situations. Without more research, they are scared to condone cannabis use during pregnancy.

It is good to note that in all 29 states and Washington D.C., where cannabis is legal, the state laws do not specifically list anything for or against using medical cannabis by pregnant women.

That said, let’s lay some resources you can follow who discuss cannabis and motherhood.

Cannabis and motherhood

A study, which looked at women in Jamaica who used cannabis during pregnancy and their children at different times in their lives, had promising results. They found no significant difference in development between cannabis-using mothers and non-users’ children. In fact, at 30 days old, the babies of cannabis-using mothers had better scores on autonomic stability and reflex tests.

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It’s essential to look at all the research and findings and make the best decision for you and your family.

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