News Update for April 2022

News Update April 2022

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Here is a news update for April 2022 from The Green Easy Team

Join our Elevated Community

We’re creating an Elevated Community and we would love you to join us. We want to add more faces to the growing cannabis landscape and help destigmatize this amazing plant.

By submitting your photo and a short quote, Green Easy may share these on social media and tag you. We want you to be part of our journey as we show the new faces of cannabis in South Africa. By sharing your info, we will give you R100 off your next order with us.

(We’re hoping to have enough high-quality images to publish an annual magazine)

Click here to share your image and join the Elevated Community

Did you go to Cannabis Expo?

Did you miss the Cannabis Expo in Cape Town? Don’t worry Tiffany from our team was in attendance and she had a bast. Check out her news update from the Cannabis Expo at Grand West. Click here to watch the round-up on our IGTV 

No price increases… for now

We are maintaining our prices until the end of August. We know you are struggling with all the increases (Thanks, Vladimir), but we will not increase our prices for the next few months. The one thing that has changed is the delivery price because fuel is going up.

We are using Telegram

Green Easy is transitioning to Telegram over the coming months. Telegram provides much more functionality. It allows us to serve our customers better. We can even use the platform to take customers’ orders and give automated orders status updates without the Facebook overlords trying to limit what we share. So we hope you join us on the Telegram platform.

Here is a discount to celebrate the end of the lockdown

Celebrate the end of lockdown with coupon code “bye-lockdown” R50 off your order until the end of April.

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