Update for February 2022

Update for February 2022

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Here is an update for February 2022 from the Green Easy team

We have something for Valentine’s Day

  1.  We will have red gummy bears during Valentine’s week.
  2.  People can order for delivery to their special one just add the name and contact details of the person who should get the order. Complimentary personalized message and card.
  3.  We can provide gift boxes for R100 extra this will be available on the site as a separate item.
  4.  All valentines orders must be in by Friday for delivery on the 14th.

Create a regular custom order for yourself

This is your chance to tell us what you would like delivered regularly; we will then give you a quote. If you accept the quote, we will set up a regular order. You can decide when and how often you receive it

Contact the team for more info

New Membership Options

All The Favorites – R650 per month

  • This package will include the Top 5 Products for 2021:
  • Pack of 60 Gummy Bears
  • Pack of 10 Gummy Worms
  • Pack of 5 Gummy Hearts
  • 125ml Cordials
  • Pack of 10 Lollipops
  • 10% discount
  • Free shipping on all orders for the month

Members Club of R450

  • 10% discount on all orders
  • Everything Edible: R450
  • Elevate Health: R450
  • Sweet Tooth: R450

Building Community

This is our goal for the year. We hope to have more events and include you guys more in the things we do in the future. We’d love to hear your feedback and what you would like us to create.

Get a discounts if you recommend 2 friends

You get R50 off per friend that orders. Each friend also gets R50 off their order. The minimum order is R250.

Changes with Courier Guy

Our primary delivery partner Courier Guy has upgraded their system.

There are some teething problems so please bear with us if deliveries are delayed or (lost). Now each delivery will come with a PIN sent by SMS to you. When it is delivered, the driver requires the PIN. Instead of signing, this is to decrease the amount of physical contact. 

New Packaging

In February, we are rolling out new packaging that we hope will reduce our carbon footprint but keep your goodies fresher for longer. We will be shipping using vacuum-sealed bags that can be resealed. Let us know what you think about the new packaging.

Do you know we recycle?

With all the orders from December, you probably have a whole lot of bottles around the house. You can return bottles by mail or at our partners at King-Online. If you want to return by mail, let us know, and we can send you a Courier Guy delivery bag for your return (free of charge with your next order). For a mail return, we need a minimum of 10 bottles for the return. If you are returning at King-Online, simply drop them off with the team at the counter. Each bottle returned gets an R5 discount on your next order.

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